Self-Reflection For COJO 3530

Reading through my first blog post, there wasn’t a lot that I wanted to learn. I was really oriented toward the storytelling aspect of journalism and marketing, and this class definitely helped! Though it didn’t necessarily provide me with specific knowledge, it introduced me to many different avenues of editing and working.A lot of theContinue reading “Self-Reflection For COJO 3530”

WTMB Alto Saxophone Promotional Video

My video I created is more of a promotional/informative piece. I am the alto saxophone section leader for the Western Thunder Marching Band at the University of Wyoming, and I thought a little introductory piece that informed people of our culture and what we were all about would be better than sending a lot ofContinue reading “WTMB Alto Saxophone Promotional Video”

Instagram Advertising

Prior to this assignment, I had a LOT of experience with Canva. The company I work for has a premium subscription and I use it to create flyers, announcements, and posters. As for Instagram, I used to be much more active (as you can see by checking out my feed) before I deleted the appContinue reading “Instagram Advertising”

Torin’s Top 5 Liquor Stores in Laramie, WY

In my experience, most college students care most about three things: food, money, and booze. What better way to help out with two of these than to create a condensed list of my top five liquor stores to go to in Laramie? Since it is primarily a college town, there is a plethora of liquorContinue reading “Torin’s Top 5 Liquor Stores in Laramie, WY”

Live Tweeting Press Briefing

For this live-tweeting assignment, I decided to watch the President Trump and coronavirus task force press briefing at the White House. We were supposed to keep it professional and journalistic with our post and I did my best to report the facts from the event as it happened! Check out my feed either here orContinue reading “Live Tweeting Press Briefing”

Interview with Megan Kane

As always, I had a great time conducting my interview! Typically, no matter the subject matter, I can stay calm and keep everything concise and together! I love meeting people and just talking to them, so I approach interviews as a simple conversation.  We spoke last week about the importance of breaking the ice, andContinue reading “Interview with Megan Kane”

UWYO’s College of Education’s Success Story

The College of Education is among the most successful at the University of Wyoming in retention percentage and 4-year graduation rates. Starting in 2014, the College of Education had a 47% 4-year graduation rate and retained 80% of its students. What makes the college of education so successful? Two members in different positions within theContinue reading “UWYO’s College of Education’s Success Story”

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