Tell the Story: Photojournalism

For this assignment, we were required to take five shots that displayed photojournalistic interests or stories behind the images. To me, that makes every image personal. As I spoke about in my first post, I believe in the stories behind the people, and this assignment gave me a chance to capture these stories in a new way.

Though I may not know the story behind each image, it gives me a chance to interpret the story. It also gave me a chance to get out around Laramie to meet and interact with many awesome people! So without further ado, five shots!


“Managerial Duties”
Manager of the Holiday Inn Laramie, Tessa Cedillo, addresses her employees during the morning huddle. You can book rooms here!

My first stop was at the Holiday Inn Laramie to capture some hospitality workers in their business and “in the zone” as it were. Tessa Cedillo, pictured above in “Managerial Duties”, was a great illustration of what American Hope was all about to me.

She started at the front desk at a Timberline hotel many years previous, and later worked her way up to this General Manager position, and has been at this hotel since it opened around ten years ago.

“I am where I am because of hard work, determination, dedication, and loyalty to people I work for. Most of all I don’t think of myself, but instead the people around me. Be second all the time.” Tessa Cedillo

“Spring Runaway”
A woman in Laramie runs over the railroad bridge on a budding spring day.

Next, I made my way to the railroad bridge. This piece, “Spring Runaway”, was titled so because I tried to catch the lady pictured, but I didn’t want to interrupt her peaceful run.

One of the first faux-spring days brought out all sorts of people who were sick of being cooped-up in the winter weather and I was lucky enough to catch one!

“Singing Man”
At Saturday’s Men’s Basketball game against Colorado State University, a man in the student section busted out his air guitar to jam during the Men’s Basketball Border War against CSU on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased to the UWYO Sports Complex here.

The “Singing Man” makes appearances at many University of Wyoming sporting events, and I’m glad I was able to capture the energy he brings to the court!

This image encapsulates him perfectly. He is getting into the game and is so lively when everyone around him is lackadaisical and it makes me proud to be a cowboy to see him out there celebrating!

“Shoot Your Shot”
UWYO Sophomore Forward Brandon Porter fights for a layup against CSU Nico Carvacho (32) and David Roddy (21) in the Border War defeat.

Saturday February 15, 2020 brought the Colorado State University to the University of Wyoming for the Border War. Unfortunately, the Cowboys were defeated 77-70. Pictured is Brandon Porter fighting to keep the Cowboys in the game.

Shoot Your Shot” was chosen as my title because you can see the struggle he is facing. There isn’t another Cowboy in the frame, and rather than falling back in the face of three CSU Rams, he cut inside and went for the layup.

At the Holiday Inn once again, a maintenance worker mops a floor in the early morning.

This final piece was the favorite feature photo of mine that I captured. It was taken at the Holiday Inn once again. Her name is Rosalea Baricar, but she goes by Rose. She was the first person there in the crisp winter morning.

This was the only image that I edited, because I didn’t want it to be too sharp. I softened the whole image so theres no distinct outline of her, but she blends into the light around her, and is encapsulated in her work.

That concludes this gallery. I hope you enjoyed!

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